About Us

United Muslims of America (UMA) is a membership organization. The membership fee is $20 per year. The members elect the Board of Directors.

UMA is non-profit corporation under section 501 (c) (4). Contributions are not tax deductible.

UMA is funded solely from individual Membership dues and contributions.

UMA neither represents nor is affiliated with any government.

UMA is a member of American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT). AMT is comprised of the following organizations:

United Muslims of America (UMA) History

United Muslims of America was established in 1982 as the first non-partisan and mainstream Muslim public affairs organization in the United States. UMA's mission is to educate and encourage American Muslims to actively participate in mainstream social, economic, civic, political, and interfaith activities in America.

UMA was the first Muslim organization to enter American politics, and has organized Muslim communities to participate in Republican and Democratic Party conventions, set up Hospitality Suites, and engaged in dialogue with politicians and other participants. Later, other Muslim organizations emerged in politics; therefore UMA expanded its efforts on building alliances with people of other faiths. This resulted in the formation of a new non-profit sister organization called United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance (UMAIA).

Among the community activists who have served or are serving on UMA's board are:

Dr. Islam Siddiqui, founder and past president of UMA, is currently serving as Chief Agricultural Negotiator with the rank of ambassador at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. He is responsible for bilateral and multilateral negotiations and policy coordination regarding agricultural trade. Before this he served as Vice President, Science and Regulatory Affairs, for Crop Life America. Earlier, he served as Under Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton, and spent 28 years in various positions with the California Department of Food and Agriculture including the Directorship of the Division of Plant Industry.

Syed R. Mahmood, current president of UMA, was a nominee for the U.S. Congress as a Republican candidate in 2002. He was also a Republican nominee for the California State Assembly in 2000, and served in the Executive Committee of the Republican Party for two years. Mr. Mahmood is the founder of the American Institute of International Studies, a non-profit think tank organization.

Dr. Agha Saeed, former UMA board member, is the founder and National Chairman of American Muslim Alliance, a nationwide Muslim political organization. He is also the chairman of the Pakistan American Democratic Forum and chairman of the American Muslim Taskforce for Elections and Civil Rights (AMT).

Nisar Hai, past president of UMA ran for U.S. Congress as a Republican Candidate for District 31 in the primary election in 1992.

Ziad Ziadeh, past president of UMA, served in the Central Committee of the California Democratic Party during 1999-2000

Iftekhar Hai, current UMA board member, is on the Executive Board of many international, national, and local interfaith organizations. Mr. Hai is involved full-time in interfaith activities and has established cordial relations with many leaders of other faiths. He is also the president of the United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance.

Shafi Refai, past president of UMA, is a Civil Engineer working for the City of Oakland. He has served on the board of Northern California Inter-religious Conference, an interfaith organization founded in 1913, Indian Muslims Relief & Charities and Islamic Society of East Bay.

Dr. Waheed Siddiqee, past president of UMA, worked as a Research Scientist at SRI International and Lockheed for more than 25 years. He is one of the founding members of United Religions Initiative (URI), a world-wide interfaith organization. Dr. Siddiqee has also served as the president of the San Francisco Islamic Center and Pakistan Association of San Francisco.

Javed Ellahie, an attorney with his own practice in San Jose, has been an advisor to UMA and has provided valuable guidance to UMA executives in political and legal matters.. He is a long-time supporter of UMA.

Mahboob Akhter has several years of management experience and is one of the founders of UMA. He has been very active in the Republican Party, was the editor of UMA's Newsletter for many years, and served as a secretary in the early years of the organization.

Javed Khan, former president of Jeskell, Inc., a business organization, is currently on UMA's board. He is an ardent supporter of UMA and provides guidance and valuable financial support to the organization.

Syed H. Husaini has several years of engineering management experience and is currently serving as the treasurer of UMA. He has keen interest in political, economic, and social issues on both a local and national level and plays a key role in UMA's policy making.

Shahed Amanullah, an engineer by profession, has served as the board secretary and now represents UMA in Texas. He is a regular commentator on Muslim affairs in media outlets including CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Voice of America, and BBC. Mr. Amanullah is the founder of the Zabihah.com, Halal food guide and the editor-in-chief of the Muslim newsmagazine altmuslim.com.

Other community members who were involved with UMA over the years include Qasim Moon, G.M. Shazada, Esam Haleem, Dr. Sarfraz Siddiqui, Najme Minhaj, Zafar Maqsood, Aziza Sleithholm, YousefSalem, Syed Ali, Khushroo Banu Sheikh, Fathy E1 Khamshoshi, Namir AI-Nagem, Badruddin Hyatt, Sabri Kawash, Abdul K. Khatri, Omar Rizvi, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Patricia Khan, Mir M. Hussain, Atif Qureshi, Late Marghoob Quraishi, Late Ghafoor Serang, Late Syed Saifullah, Late Inam Siddiqui, Late S.A. Husaini, and Late Dr. Joseph DiCaprio