UMA's Plan of Action 2014 - 12016

Brothers and Sisters: Asalamu Alikum!

Alhamdu Lillah, UMA is embarking on a mission to rejuvenate the American Muslim community to become an active group of people in the American political process. As you know, a person, a group of people and a community could not be an effective component of a society unless they participate in the social, cultural, economical and political process. If you leave a vacuum in the system, some other forces will fill the gap. By the grace of Allah, The American Muslim community is blessed with everything they could ask for. However, their laid-back attitude regarding not to fulfill the political responsibility has made them the target of all sorts of abuses and unwarranted treatments. The anti Muslim and anti Islam forces have taken nearly complete charges to define the Muslim community in America and around the globe. Their dedicated fulltime paid employees define you as a terrorist, Islamist and anti American.

Every place you turn, the anti Muslim clans have absolute control of the media and political apparatus of the American society. The price of complacency is very high. You may lose your dignity and respect. It is the law of nature that a stronger community defines the character and history of the politically weaker groups and nations.

We may be able to enjoy our life in a comfort zone - However our next generation is going to pay very dearly. They may curse us later in their life. Let us not now blame others. We should wake up and take charge of our own destiny in the United States. Muslim Americans have the same opportunities as any other community in this society.

Please read the enclosed “Plan of Action of UMA.” You will be surprised to discover some interesting historical information. We should have strong will and determination to face any adversary. Are you willing to walk with me?  Would you allow someone else to write your history? I would not allow that. Recently, I have accepted the responsibility to become UMA’s President. With your support and help we could overcome any hurdle.

Brothers and Sisters,” in the path of success there is no point you could call as for destination and there is no today when you do not contemplate for tomorrow”- “The Individuals or Nations, their desires for progress causes them to strive for a better future.” May Allah bless us all? 

UMA’s Mission:

  1. To bring Social, Economic, Cultural and Civic Empowerment for Muslims in the United States through the Political process.
  2. To ensure that the American Muslim community believes in the Economic, Social and Political Islamic and American values of Justice for all regardless of their Color, Race or Religion.

OPERATION: Political Involvement of the American Muslim Voters

The Declaration of Independence, in the United States Congress, July 4. 1776. The founding fathers of the United States affirmed that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are ENDOWED by their CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.”

As compared to other minorities in the U.S, American Muslims are not very actively participating in the American political process and therefore, not benefiting from it.   If we do not wake-up now, our survival in the United States as a community is going to be very bleak. Anti-Muslim organizations in the United States with a budget of about $135 million and are busy in spreading anti- Muslim and anti- Islam propaganda. 

There are a few Muslim organizations in the United States that are doing great work and fighting for the civil rights of Muslims in America and also disseminating and sharing true information about Islam; with a belief that the truth always prevails.  A large number of American Muslims are tired of being humiliated by some in the American media and anti-Muslim groups.

Did you know that American Muslims have been in the United States for centuries?

Enslaved Africans from West Africa were brought to the land of the thirteen colonies. 10% to 30% percents of them were Muslims. Some of them knew how to read and write Arabic. They were teachers, musicians and professionals. The blood and sweat of the enslaved Africans made the plantation owners in the South, rich and powerful. They exploited their power with cruelty and injustice.

American Historians neglected to write about the contributions of the enslaved Africans who built the economy and developed the industrial base of the United States. American Muslim soldiers fought in the war of independence, the Wars of 1812, Civil Wars, World Wars I & II and other wars thereafter.

What should American Muslims do? We need Courage, Determination, Will, Vision and Money to fight against this onslaught of anti-Muslim propaganda against them. It cannot be done without the involvement of American Muslims in the political process at the local, state and national levels.

UMA’s Plan of Action

UMA is not going to allow anti- Muslims and anti-Islam forces to define millions of American Muslims. UMA needs to take charge of her own public affairs activities. No congressman or Senator is going to fight your political battles. To counter this:

  1. Register to vote
  2. UMA is going to prepare a data base of Muslim voters; a demographic study, start with California. UMA is also getting ready to acquire the services of the most sophisticated software: “the BIGDATA” for the purpose of accumulating names of Muslim voters from all over the United States.
  3. Invest your hard earned money in your own public affairs organizations and support candidates who share our values.
  4. Train and groom our younger generation to become future leaders.
  5. Volunteer your time for local, state and national election campaigns.
  6. Create your blogs and use the social media to expose anti-Muslim journalist and politicians.
  7. Assure that American Muslim public affairs organizations have very effective websites.
  8. Publish online journals, news bulletins and newspapers.
  9. Forge alliances with other communities.
  10. Encourage Muslim lawyers to challenge anti-Muslim groups in the courts of law, who are defaming the American Muslim Community.
  11. In 2014 UMA is planning to open a full-time office in Washington D.C.,

Organizational Reforms

UMA is in the process of participating in the political process our objectives are:

  1. UMA is going to prepare a data base of Muslim voters; a demographic study, start with California. UMA is also getting ready to acquire the services of the most sophisticated software: “the BIGDATA” for the purpose of accumulating names of Muslim voters from all over the United States.
  2. Educate and train young Muslims to learn the system and to run for offices. UMA is also in the process of establishing an Educational and Training Institute.

Advisory Board:  UMA needs your help in identifying scholars and political activists to join our team. These individuals will be visiting the White House, the Department of State, the Pentagon, the National Security Agency and Capitol Hill to consult with them regarding Domestic and International Affairs. 

Foreign Policy Advisory Group: If you have knowledge and experience in International Affairs, please join this team.  Political activism is also part of our DEEN. Your participation and Financial help is urgently needed. Please donate on PayPal.  Thank you for your help and support.

Syed Rifat Mahmood
President, UMA

UMA was established in year 1982